Hebrides – Islands on the Edge – Clips – July 2013 | BBC2


The series went down very well when it was first shown in Scotland and then had a network transmission on BBC2. Twitter: #BBCHebrides

DVDs and Blu-ray discs of the series are now available here on Amazon for instance.

Watch the beginning to the series with Ewan McGregor narrating here.

Here are some more clips from the series:

Watch the harrowing struggle of a newborn seal pup trying to climb out of the sea and reach its mother here.

Watch Tiree’s “mad” spring hares engage in mating chases here.

Here is a young otter facing up to leaving his mother at the start of the winter. 

In a whisky distillery on Islay a family of young swallows are almost ready to migrate to Africa. Watch them here.

The white-tailed eagles of Skye show that they know a thing or two about how best to catch fish here.